Termofiks Quality

When selecting a heater buyers usually are guided by such properties as high thermal insulation, quality and durability. But science is not standing still. Today, building insulation can perform additional functions that are no less important. Fire protection, standoff natural aging process and decoration of the facade of the building is now curled from a material such as insulation for houses. At your Services insulation for the walls of the new generation – Termofiks. This heater for the bath or home has the best characteristics of the leading construction companies. Today Termofiks used on modern and progressive construction sites.

The main advantage, which has insulation for walls Termofiks – high levels of these parameters: thermal insulation. Thanks to her Termofiks used as insulation for houses and villas, and helps save on expenditures for energy services. Soundproofing. This criterion is especially important for prefabricated houses or neighbors with different musical tastes. As insulation facade Termofiks can be used not only for homes but also rehearsal for bases and other facilities requiring high quality sound insulation.

Waterproofing. Insulation for walls Termofiks not let moisture, allowing it to slow down the destruction of natural materials. High quality installation. Sales of insulation have been constantly increasing largely due to the simplicity of working with him. Termofiks fit into several layers, completely eliminating the formation of air bubbles and other defects. Insulation is noncombustible, which was confirmed by numerous experiments. This quality makes Termofiks indispensable for the wooden buildings, where construction heaters take on the serious problem of security tenants.