Drawing Game

Gaming stuff. Dolls, toy dishes, a set of "Doctor", a toy phone, items, alternates. Preparations for the game. Excursion to the doctor's office. Making attributes of the organization play in the child's doctor. " Reading the story of A. Kardashova "Our doctor".

Observation of work laundress. Organization of child labor – washing doll clothes. Excursion to the kitchen. Lesson "bake for themselves and their babies buns. Molded products for playing "chef". Conversation, "Who and how it works in our kindergarten. " Drawing on this topic.

Making attributes to the organization of collective game in "kindergarten". Playing a role. A doctor, nurse, teacher, head, music worker, nanny, cook. The game. Before beginning of the game educator conducts preliminary work. Together with the guys visit a medical office, kitchen, laundry, hall rhythms, head of the office and talk to the nurse and doctor, cook, laundress, Head on their work. After that, the group counselor conducts a conversation, "Who and how it works in our kindergarten," summarizes the knowledge acquired on trips. Then the children can play the game "mode of the day, thereby outlining a plan game. Also, children can read stories and poems about kindergarten and make the necessary attributes to the game: tools for doctors, dinnerware set, etc. Next, the teacher may invite children to play independently But if the children had not yet arisen due interest in the game, the teacher can make in the game as an equal partner, performing major or minor role, indirectly affecting the change in a game environment, it can lead correction game relationships. For example, it can offer children the following roles: "Doctor," "Nurse", "teacher", "Head", "music worker", "Nanny", "cook". When all the roles are distributed, the teacher encourages children to the game: "Now we need to conduct exercises with puppets, and then put them to lunch." "Nanny needed to quickly go to the kitchen and bring the breakfast." "After breakfast to go for a visit to the doctor." After breakfast, "doctor" and "Medical sister "carefully examine" the children ", to each give advice. One child was ill and "educator" to make a phone call to parents: "Your daughter is ill, it should pick up from kindergarten." After medical examination of "children" to go to "music lessons", etc. As the game progresses the teacher to monitor the proper development of the plot, smooths the conflicts, advises that you can think of another wish child enters new role.