Isaac Babel

Talking about Odessa tales and stories, and even more so to write under the heading "Odessa miniature" after Isaac Babel and not funny to do. Planck's humor, they have installed, fascinates and repels. But as they say in Odessa, hilarious anecdote – it is entertainment that is available on city streets and, moreover, absolutely free. Odesa city, where any information can be a source of health and good spirits. Ask how to get to Privoz, and learn how wine is sold there 30 years ago. Pointeresuetes, how many times, and learn how it was two hours ago. In the minibus, the wish to leave here, you have landed there.

Advise, do not spit past boxes, because the city street is your face. You give in to the place my grandmother in a tram, and hear that she's just not enough sleep. Coming out of the bus, you offer an unknown woman, hand to hand out, and hear – "Are you serious?" Smiled the retiree at the bus stop, – "And what I have said something funny? Repeat, and then I did not hear. " You ask the cashier at the store, why is it so dark, and you get – "You smile wrapped, or are we here laugh? "And do not give you a god address from Odessa to the question -" Do not you know "It hurt, can only be a very interesting person, because he learns everything that nowadays is to say from Odessa, but it's a long time. And it does not matter what you wanted to ask, just wait until you tell about it. In Odessa, they know everything, but if you do not know, then guess better than you know. In Odessa, did not come up with funny stories and novels, so live in Odessa.

Episode on the street is anecdote, a short dialogue turns into a thumbnail, and if you doubt the words of the speaker, already have a free listen to a monologue. Do you know why in Odessa, such expensive tickets for concerts? That's right, pay those who can not hear music Odessa streets and sees no humor around. For Odessa is a disease, and for treatment to be paid. Well, if Odessa still goes to the theater, and there he will tell more than he offered. We answer a question with a question from an excess of overwhelms us information, specifying your interest. You want to know everything or gradually? Girl, you're sure you need a library? Well, think about, here's my phone. Decide to call, gone tomorrow off. You say that it is not story? Quite right, it's just talk, but you must admit, still a little bit, Odessa. A man in a lingerie shop exploring widely presented collections from leading designers around the world. Manager of the hall to the rescue .- Hello, you suggest something? – Me? Suggest? Though – he looks round the shapely girlish figure – if only to show! – You tell me who you're going to make a gift, and I'll help you. – Of course, his wife. Girl lays out a pile of catalogs, and begins with enthusiasm and gusto to tell. The man listened for a long time, saw flashing fishnet combinations, then pondered, sighed, and asked – Do you have anything Soviet was left? -? – I flight for six months leave, let a Soviet-painted. Do you think that anecdote? Not at all, simply speaking, an accidental witness of which, I've become.