Brazilian Senate

This model privileges the real estate speculation, investments in intensive use of automotivos vehicles, ground waterproofing, canalization of rivers and streams? an unnatural model and insolvent debtor, to generate flagelos. Populations of low purchasing power live in areas of geologic risk not because they want, but due to options in function of public politics capengas. Actions of energetic fiscalization must be a constant, to prevent new occupations in risk areas and to remove the ones that are there. The water and the sewer that all want certainly in the house door are not what summer rains provide. The Brazilians are full of floods and the happened mud of the incapacity of the authorities in planning and implementing workmanships and action of prevention. Currently he has 48 projects of law in transaction in the Brazilian Senate that turn on forms to prevent deaths and damages caused for extreme events of the nature.

All these projects, of vital importance, are far from being argued, voted and approved and they had not had the had enrollment of the society in charging celeridade of its representatives. Meanwhile, between 2007 and 2009 he went up of 176 for 620 the Brazilian cities affected by floods and overflows. They esteem themselves to have 5 million more than Brazilians living in risk area. The citizens have that to have the culture of the education and of the ethics in the social conviviality, which she is, the exercise of the citizenship. This means not to have the thought distorted of only enjoying of the services and public goods of prompt form e, for times, opportunist when disrespecting legal positions. It means to inquire themselves, to become involved themselves of co-ordinated form, to fulfill the laws and to charge of the public power programs and permanent actions of planning of long stated period, directed to well-being and security of all. Public managers must criminally be made responsible by omission and negligence, when allowing decreases you prevented and superfluous in series against the life.

The occupation of the serrana region of Rio De Janeiro, as well as many other examples in Brazil, appears under the look obtuso and Populist of the authorities propped up in spurious agreements with loteadores or the formation of electoral clientelismo of the occupants of areas of risk, as fertile valleys, sources and mounts. It is a herclea task to go ahead with laws punitive to the consisting power, therefore the authors of laws are they themselves. Valley not to amnesty the illegality and the improbity and yes the judicializao of the public politics by means of action of the Public prosecution service. Mart Luther King already said: ‘ ‘ dream with the day where justice will run as water and the straightness as of great volume rio’ ‘. The neighboring inhabitants to the Mountain range of the Sea, as well as all the Brazilians, wait anxious per this day, also the fans of Tone Jobim. The house of field of the genius of situated Brazilian popular music in the Carioca mountain range completely was destroyed by waters of the summer.