The History Of The Band Panther

Panther was one of the more popular metal bands of all the times, possessing the respect of fans and musicians. Everything started in 1981 when the band still made a style more glam rock, but throughout the years its music was taking another form and, the history of the group was being surrounded of confusions and fight controversies. With the participation of the old vocalista, Terry Glaze, had been launched three first albums: ' ' Magic&#039 metal; ' (1983), ' ' Projects In The Jungle' ' (1984) e' ' I Am The Night' ' (1985). Terry finished being dismissed for the band when it opposed to sign a contract with the recorder of Simmons Gene of the Kiss. The popularity of the Panther appeared when the band started to make what wise person to make of better, Metal! The room record of the band, ' ' Power Metal' ' (1988), it appeared already with the participation of Phil Anselmo in the vocal ones.

Although the band has initiated in years 80, the first album of commercial success was ' ' Cowboys From Hell' ' of 1990. The music of the Panther still was searching its identity and if it approached to heavy metal classic, but ' ' Cowboys From Hell' ' , Psycho Holiday' ' ' ' Domination' ' already it brought the trash-metal for which the band was known. ' ' Vulgar Display of Power' ' of 1992, it was the album of the band of bigger success. Acclaimed for the fans of the Panther, this album obtained to conquer public of the entire world with successes as ' ' Walk' ' , ' ' Mouth Will be War' ' ' ' This Love' '. The success was followed by the next album ' ' Far Beyond Driven' ' of 1994. In 1996, &#039 was launched; ' The Great Southerm Trendkill' ' band started its decline of success.

The last record of the Panther was ' ' Reinventing The Steel' ' launched in 2000. After this album with fight on the musical future of the band, them had finished if separating. With diverse rumors on the return, everything was locked in when in 2004 the guitarist Dimebag Darrell was signed. There fans finished the hopes them orphans who still had hope to see in palco one of the best groups of metal that already existed. However if you are fan, still you can find all letters of the band Panther in sites of letters of musics for the Internet.