Without Memory There Is No Tradition

Thus began the seminar teachers' traditions, customs, images of Russian folk culture in the development of preschoolers' in progymnasium N 73, better known residents of Vladimir called 'Russian kindergarten. " A leitmotif seminar were the words of academician G. Volkov: 'Without memory there is no tradition. Without education there is no spirituality. Without spirituality there is no personality. No person not the people.

As a historical community. " Seminar participants were able to see classes on folklore in the 2 nd youngest and oldest groups. These lessons are music director of the highest category A. Guskov. In the second part of the workshop group was divided kindergarten experience. Caregivers in traditional dress spoke about their work, using the genres of Russian folk art: singing folk songs, fairy tales have been told. Embark on raising children in the Russian tradition, to return to its roots suggested a few years ago Director progymnasium T.

Kovalkova. It was not easy, because the first 'formed' themselves educators. Program was created in conformity with state standards. About her guests to the seminar said the candidate Pedagogy, associate professor of music and choral conducting vspu I. Voropayeva. – We asked the question: what prirodosoobrazno Russian child? – She says. – Folklore seamlessly introduces the young man in adulthood. Children's folklore has all the teaching resources, developing a harmonious personality. At each lesson, and solved many physiological problems: logopedic, emotional, and others. Folklore in the program is divided into several sections: family, life, nature, calendar holidays The program provides for various forms of work with parents of preschool children. They can only envy, as their children grow, learning to love their country, to appreciate their and others' work and share with the poor, protect the weak Generosity, compassion, spirituality – these qualities have always been famous Russian people. Let the other will be an example, when a child understands the value of life in the deep wisdom of folk tales, songs and games. And in the quiet hour of sleep by a lullaby.