Books Are The German Favourite Gift

Have you already an idea of what you want to give to Christmas this year? Here a small Tip: books are always getting around! Bayreuth 29.09.2011 – gingerbread, dominoes, chocolate Santas or studs, the Christmas flowers already in October. So why order not now even the gift stock? Because books are not bad as is well known, you should now consider what book you remember your loved ones. Whether true stories, novels and short stories, there is something for every crime and thriller, property and books up to the biography and poetry of course. Free with every book order, there is a pretty, matching bookmark. As a special gift idea we have for you the UNENTBRLICHE LEXICON, where friends of dry, sometimes vicious satire will have their fun. The ever-popular bear is as cuddly teddy bear or effective polar bear loved and admired. Not so with Bozo Nebesch.

He is quite the often unpredictable properties of the predator in a naturally other, sparkling or even sometimes toxic dimension brought. The author interprets the not too serious, imaginative descriptions of the bear from A – Z as word games, which in their statements very deep, sometimes at the borders of the “Allowed” go. But not without to elicit a nod matching to or even a smile to the reader the UNENTBRLICHE LEXICON offers in each case a wonderful entertainment. If you love beautiful words and fantastic stories, should be the pretty bound set book close to volatile”see. “Volatile” is one of six wonderful stories of the Swiss author Peter Kislig, which are actually much more than just stories. The liquid, wonderful voice of the author makes very clear the desire to read, further. One feels drawn into the stories and barely able to escape from her spell. Soft, wise words, the author writes about fleeting encounters, the weakness of people, the sensitivity of the soul and the Recognizing that something unique is hidden in every human being.

A book that penetrates the soul and stimulates thinking… Or should it be something exciting? For example, the? The fright moves Christian in the limbs, as he as usual morning stands before the mirror and his reflection makes something completely different than he did. This is repeated a few days, then his face in the mirror disappeared. And while he is madly in love, his mirror image developed a strange life of its own. It cruel things in his town, for which he is responsible in our new online store for books and eBooks can now browse in peace and choose the most suitable for the gift table. And it all quickly, easily and free of charge directly from the Publisher. Just click on the to the bestellshop / click and go already. To make the search even better books and E-books, has the Publisher core the domains:,,, backed up, switched on the Publisher page and thus extends the search on the net for interesting reading. Of course, you can buy the title of Publisher core still in every bookshop and the other online shops. Have fun browsing!