Make Your Active Holiday

Your Active holiday make everyone more active in hotels in South Tyrol has different ideas to do things. This is no different in the holiday. Some love the holiday to being lazy, others swear by extravagant activities for the best relaxing Active holiday. Even if you are the adventurer, South Tyrol in Northern Italy is the right choice for you. Enclosed by two ridges, South Tyrol becomes the best area for adventure activities. Sports lovers will experience an unforgettable time here. Ice, water, and mountains; South Tyrol has always something its tourists. Meltwater flows down the mountains in the summer and shapes sources and rushing rivers, the give you the opportunity for many different water activities such as rafting, kayaking, canyoning, and kite surfing.

The name of these activities alone already enough you an adrenaline rush to give. Will try these activities even if you visit South Tyrol. Maybe they will support these activities the summer in the most exciting way to spend. Some people hesitate to visit South Tyrol in winter. They fear that the cold winter freezes the breath them. If you not travel South Tyrol in the winter however, you miss some of the most impressive panoramic views and challenging adventure activities that can take place only in the winter. Enjoy skiing, snow shoeing, ice climbing and many more frosty ice activities. Winter works much better with so much fun and adventure.

For those who love ice sports, South Tyrol will seem like heaven on Earth. Even in the autumn, South Tyrol has to offer very much.South Tyrol is known as motorbike paradise, because the mountains provide the best routes to the motorcycle skills to improve. Try also downhill free riding and climbing. They’re particularly adventurous and challenging experiences. So you can enjoy your holidays in the Dolomites. South Tyrol has something for everyone. Will this boring anyone, because in the midst of a wide range of activities with a lot Entertainment is. Prepare for the next holiday in this picturesque region in Northern Italy and make your holiday in South Tyrol for the holidays. ProAlps offers active holidays and hotels in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps. We organise also activities for your winter sport holiday, such as rafting, mountain-biking, bungy jumping Europe bridge and much more for your adventure and holiday in South Tyrol.