Who Created Music

I am imagining how much music exemplifica the perfection. The junction of the correct chords results in a melody that fulls the heart. Music is logical, is mathematical and feeling. Even though who does not understand of notes, ciphers, chords or partitions, if it leaves to lead for the waves of a good music. Music alone can have been created for God. I imagine that in the sky it must have much music, therefore it is used to adore, to exaltar the Creator of all the things (of music also).

It has musics, on the other hand, that the rhythms and letters are the junction of chords associates that they destroy. Bad music nothing more is of what the disfigurement of what it is good. I do not support to hear musics that speak of aggression, that they have language of low moral, that in general diminish the value of the woman or the human being. Unhappyly deturpe has who what God made with as much perfection. It values good music; poetical music, music sacra, cultural music and as much other types of music how valley the penalty! How its life is a beautiful melody! It learns to touch violo with my method. It makes DOWNLOAD: The Musical comedy