The Music

Today sorry, I remember that Rick and I very prepared with it – certain time, it ran behind us to punish us for that we had made with its cachimbo and I launched the sandal in its nose I made what it to cry sufficiently, similar place tourist the New city of Caldas in Gois, that attracted visitors due to the rumors of that its hot waters are miraculous. However, they to take had not been able me since she had not finished the school year, being in Itaberaba liveing with my grandmothers until finishing the lessons. Therefore, I was very sick having the state aggravated for the homesickness of my parents. When knowing of my disease, my mother came back toward alone Itaberaba and took care of of me recouping until me total, immediately afterwards was ready to live in very difficult Tucano.Foi to move away to me from my grandmothers and Rick, but> to help in the adaptation, Rick and my Cali cousin had been to pass the pertaining to school vacations back in Toucan with me – fits to stand out an episode where Rick and a friend ours of Toucan entered in a competition of who ate more pizza, what it took the boy to be interned per days, decurrent of alimentary infection -, and to the end of the vacations, new events had marked my life. In the school, I knew two girls who had divided my heart for the first time, started if to disclose my indetermination typical of libriano. The first Milena call was brown and well shy, had a family humble, however very gentile, however unhappyly any loving relationship was impracticable for terms one strong friendship. The second Mrcia call was well white, had long hair chestnuts and smooth, for being extrovert and sincere, it did not delay to ask for to me in namoro, thus to the nine years my first I had namorada, but one namoro typical one of child, however of strong impact for me, as much that I remember the music that touched in the hour where it finished with me: ' ' I know that there inside still deferred payment a bit of me, a great love thus does not finish, done foam to the wind, is not moment thing, but is passenger, craze who goes and passes done trick, the love leaves marks that of pra not to erase, its that errei and you pra to pardon, crazy head, heart in the hand, desire asked for to you here catching fire, without knowing right the hour and nor what to make, I do not find a word alone to say pra you, but if I was you love, I came back pra me of new, and of a thing is certain love, door goes to be always open love, my look goes to give to a party love, in the hour that you to arrive ' ' (L.