Toilet Training

Teach a child to be tidier much harder to teach him to eat and sleep. This is because the desired no reward except your praise. When he put the table, the child receives a meal that satisfies his hunger. When putting a child in bed, it rests. But when put on a pot, it makes my stomach protons, but it can facilitate and at any time. Otparavlenie child care only parents, but not the child. Keep in mind that not yet fulfilled your child 2 years old, it can hardly be relied upon even in the daytime. Jessica Michibata spoke with conviction.

If you start to teach a child to use the potty much sooner, the process will drag on for a long time. After about 15 months the child relieve stomach and bladder completely automatically. He not only knows but does not understand what happened. Therefore, more bitter than he is not ready yet. Only a half years your child will be ready with a pot poznkomitsya, but still not be ready to constantly use it. Virtually all interested in the question how to define, but when to teach a child to potty and when he is ready to use it? The right moment will come when the child will begin to understand what he is about to urinate or relieve stomach.

This understanding is a feeling that the stomach will soon be cleared. At these moments, is a dead child, crouched, with reddening of the face of efforts. If he wishes now he is ready oblegchittsya in the pot, but not in diapers, or sliders, but we must remember that now we are talking only about habituation to defecate, and that in this age range should always be for child. But remember that the power to accustom to the pot you will only aggravate and frighten the children! Even when large enough, the child will pee in pants out of fear. All the children here