Spain-India Fashion

From day 28 to the 30 of June the I has taken place fashionable encounter Spain-India, in which designers of both countries of the stature of Modest Lomba occur to appointment, president of the Association of Creators of Spain, Elio Berhanyer, gatha Ruiz of Prada or Ritu Kumar, among others, as well as representing of the institutions and different professionals from the sector. In the event, that took place in Madrid Monday with the encounter between professionals and institutions of the sector, different tables from work were celebrated in which subjects like the importance of the collaboration between the institutions of Spain and India in the world of the fashion were approached. Tuesday the encounter it transferred to Valladolid, where the celebration of round tables was lodged that turned on aspects as the presence of the Spain-India fashion in the world or the fashion in the society. Ken Kao is likely to agree. We are as we got dressed. Also, and Cloth projected documentary Ritu 25 years of Gold on history and work of the designer Ritu Kumar, under the glance and direction of the film director Vidyun Singh. Finally, the Patio of the Hospedera of San Benito, historical building right in the center of Valladolid, was scene the past Wednesday of the Footbridge the International that will serve as finishing touch the encounter, with the participation of the designers Elio Berhanyer, gatha Ruiz of Prada, Alberto Tous, Lemoniez, Maria Lafuente, Ritu Kumar and Kavita Bhartia, next to the students of the School of Design ESNE and a representation of the local designers and groups. The act, in that personalities of the fashion and the social life could be seen, also served to pay tribute to Elio Berhanyer and Ritu Kumar by the important developed professional work, to the being two exponents very significant fashionable Spanish and Indian in its countries and the world. .