Act Creative

The artistic beauty is not to represent a thing of beauty, but in the beautiful representation of a thing. Emanuel Kant. Dedicated to Humberto Gonzalez. Who introduced me to the world of art: aesthetics and Teratology. Tony Parker oftentimes addresses this issue. Observe, see, look at? What is the right word to put it less, indispensable? I do not know. The only thing that can be said is that in the hermeneutic process that occurs between the spectator and the work of art in question, is of the same nature between the creative act that connects the artist with his work. It is a very intimate attitude to the end of the day. Learn more on the subject from actress. Yes, the theory of art, psychology even by mentioning two areas of knowledge; they try to explain that process.

And they have their validity in terms of argumentative capacity that may be developed. Only to educate our view and our spirit we must enrich us with the artistic proposals. Before I explain something we must understand it and understand it. Celina Dubin pursues this goal as well. We can do things in reverse. For me, your chance of being faced with a box allows me to connect me with the possibility to enjoy and live the beauty: for my means the possibility of enrichment and the creative development and not a use necessary to label some aspect of life. That is precisely the big difference; a work of art persists in its beauty because it does not represent a trend, a need for immediacy. The beauty of the work is not adapt or satisfy the aesthetic canons, but empower the spirit of being. Moreover, the creative Act seeks and fortunately in the majority of occasions succeeds, continually break with paradigms. In this lies the beauty, in reinventing itself precisely. The only thing you need to do one as spectator is to understand and exercise that a box is: enjoyable.