The Last

With that historic and unprecedented decision of educational authorities, also broke that kind of curse that condemned the Guarani language to hiding and opprobrium for long and suffered years. I would point out that the Guarani language, currently spoken by the majority of the population of the Paraguay, holds in its history the larger and more violent persecutions. In the last hundred years, its speakers suffered all kinds of verbal and physical abuses. People who was disparagingly treated guarango, Indian or juruky to. Others were punished – for example – staying in school after the hour output; Alternatively, receiving slaps on the face; or visiting the school yard repeating I will not talk more Guarani, or kneeling on coarse salt or avati tupi ku i; or being subjected to degrading experience of lower grade or course by the mere fact of speak Guarani. Jahechakuaa aiporo mba eichapa nane ne Guarani ajey, naimo a ku omanotamahagui hesaijeyva onakarapu has yjeyva, ojetyvyrovyro onembo has mbeguekatupe oguatajeyva gotyo, tekokatu sure Paraguay monkfish rupive, yvy mara y ohekavo. Indeed, that decision not only claiming the Guarani language or manifestation of the Paraguayan culture; but that, in essence it implied the principle of respect for the human rights of Paraguayan students, mostly Guarani-speakers, who would finally receive classes, books and exams in your language. Design of bilingual education, the preparation of texts and the execution of the project were commissioned – in its first stage – a prominent group of guaraniologos, with long years of struggle and deeply committed to the Guarani culture and language. However, to generate some political changes in the structure of the EQF, by 1999, also joined the bilingual education program other technicians, who are protected by the power of the MEC, radically changed the direction of the project with regard to the Guarani language. It was thus that, from that time starts a Byzantine and ill intentioned discussion, for example, about what Guarani teach: the academic or the Paraguayan.