Strange Awakening … 3rd Party .

Suddenly he heard a very strong buzz, I tape the ears with his hands, and closed my eyes for a second felt like an electric current and a lot of light around me, suddenly I was kneeling with his hands in my ears and eyes closed … there was no noise around me! And what was my surprise to open my eyes and find out that there were not people!? It was not my family !!!…. I was in another world !!… I felt a sharp pain in the chest, snorting with pain …. Everything was in darkness ….

The sky was completely dark, no sun or moon … only had electric sparks, as if an electrical storm or anything but clouds in the sky, only sparks of electricity …. There were no houses, or people … thanks to the glare of light, huge trees could be distinguished, and a huge lake at a considerable distance from where I was I … still … with my arms around my torso, hugging myself …

I began to wonder where is the city, people who were with me at the time of seeing the huge object in the sky?? My family? … I thought with regret holding on tighter to my chest … I was afraid, very afraid … was it a nightmare? Without realizing it I began to mourn, was a silent cry … I drop to his knees on the floor, and began to pray, I remember all the prayers he had learned as a child, the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, the Hail Mary prayer was … something that very rarely did … I asked God to wake me up! I wake up praying !!… … what began as a silent prayer, became desperate cries !!… Learn more about this with Howard Schultz. I closed my eyes and opened them again! Nothing! I could not wake up !!!… tired of crying, and mourn … look around me … and I drop into the earth … this is my reality! accept disappointed … suddenly I looked up towards the lake in front of me, and watch in horror, giant creatures and monsters!. continue ….