Theatre Breton

No one knows how long will be the extinct Breton theatre with open casings, offering the stark image of a city devastated by war. But, knowing the ignominious slowness of our courts, the thing can go for years. I suspect that the pile of rubble from the building to tear down the Middle reflects wicked precipitation with which make many municipal decisions that then Justice undertakes to amend with the subsequent delay of works and its consequent extra cost to the taxpayer. And so we will. It is not the first happened, but the last, so far, a series of erratic municipal decisions, from the parking lot of the Plaza of the sides until the demolition of the houses of the wall, passing through the bridge of San Jose. What will be next? The good thing about the case wrong, one might say is that both foolish and useless haste contrasts with the delinquent slowness of many other municipal decisions, such as the lack of sanctions for infringements of traffic or the having lapsed in its day payable compensation to some Builders by the volume of development potential of many works. This means that a drubbing for municipal coffers and more in a time of crisis in which all councils of Spain set the brains to achieve a few resources that lack. There will be those who think that everywhere they cooked beans and hence we have if not the controversial Valencian district of El Cabanal, which degrades every day while the urban project of the Mayor remains paralyzed.

Well not. Unlike the Breton Theatre, the courts have repeatedly given reason to Rita Barbera and only the Rodriguez Zapatero government is which insists on leave the neighborhood as it is, as if the cutrez who defend the four Liberals to use was something of collective interest. They already see that you it’s not comparable situations. Why perpetuate in Salamanca the landscape bleak and cochambroso of what was at times the emblematic Breton Theatre, could leave it as it is, with an explanatory label that put: this is the monument to an era of neglect represented by arbitrary municipal planning decisions.