Stew De Garbanzos

When I listened for the first time about Chick-pea stew, I thought, " Oh, brother Now that lacks to invent? " I mean, the good thing that they can be chick-peas in a pot? Good, I decided to occur an opportunity and I prepared this prescription. I remained surprised by the good burns was this chick-pea stew. If you decide to do this, she will not regret. This estofado is very light and is something very different to cook the meat with heavy stews and knows absolutely brilliant. And that you are not timid the best thing it is to accompany it with a delicious and crisp French bread. For 6 portions: 3 spoonfuls of olive oil 1 white onion, pricked 1.

To warm up the oil in a great medium fire frying pan. To add the onion and skips by 3 minutes or until the onions arrive at a smoothed out point. 1 14 ounce can tomatos cut in cuadritos 1 fresh tomato, buckets of 1 inch of places 1 spoonful to strike it or fresh in small cubes garlic 1 chick-pea tin (kidney beans chichi), slipped 1 cup of broth of chicken from an ingot puppy 1/2 pepper teaspoon 1 spoonful of pricked parsley to decorate (optional) 2. To add the ingredients above-mentioned and to take the stew to boiling, reduces the fire to slow, and soon it covers the pot and it cooks to untimed fire the estofado one during 15 minutes. 3.

It retires the cover and it leaves boils stew during minutes to reduce the liquid more. To serve the hot deep plate stew. It removes a little bread to eat with this stew. If you do not know to prepare the bread I have in my recipe book the prescription so that you prepare homemade bread or perhaps also you want to prepare an Asturian stew prescription, and also easy appetizer prescriptions. Original author and source of the article