HUMAN SHORTCUTS AIMING AT To the PERPETUAL SALVATION When child I liked very to hear estrias, as of the party in the sky. Which is counted that in the sky pndega was programmed a party, for had been only invited the animals that fly. The frog, when taking knowledge of the facts, knowing that it did not have the lesser possibility to participate of the event any creature who did not have wing, dealt with bolar a plan soon There for as much, it concluded that it would catch a hitchhiking with urubu, a tocador exmio of viola. Authorized embarkment for all the flying bicharada one, the garboso vulture, musical instrument tiracolo, broke route to the sky. Without the least distrusted it, in esconso of its viola he rested, in the biggest tranquilidade, a pretty amphibian, however assaz not very smart Back in the heights, party bombando, the birds had noticed the one presence ' ' stranger in ninho' ' ; stranger not only for the beauty absence, but, mainly, for the lack of the credentials that would give right to participate to it of the folguedo: The wings! comes the batrachian there in return to the land, all speed! They had launched it for having entered in the gaiato party, of penetrates. This comic anecdote shows to us to a parallelism with the reality human being, therefore the human being has the capacity to create devices, expedients, ' ' jeitinhos' ' , aiming at to reach the Eternity with God, instead of searching the Only Way that takes in them to the Celestial Father.

Makes it to remember me the Parabola of the Weddings, counted for Mr. Jesus Christ: ' ' Then Jesus became to speak to them for parabolas, saying: The Kingdom of Skies is similar to a king who celebrated the weddings of its son. It sent its servants to call the guests for the weddings, and these had not wanted to come.