Spain Championships

Float brought up in Spain training camp in tip-top shape at the German Swimming Championships in Berlin from April 25-28 three swimmers and swimmers will represent the colours of the home community of Rhein-Erft-Cologne. The 17 year-old Sanne Leyendecker and a year younger assets include Hannah Weis and Ruben Krause although yet to the offspring of German swimming elite with their achievements in the previous competitions, they have become but qualified for the National Championships in 2013 and which now may be the “Big” measure. Langstrecklerin Sanne Leyendecker is 1500m freestyle start and try to beat their best time of 18:35, 71 min., which has imposed in February at the Mittelrhein Championship. For Sprint specialist Hannah Weis is it something the matter go faster: 50 m freestyle are their parade discipline; their best of 27, 42sek., which put them only a week ago in Bochum, Germany, wants to improve it again. Ruben Krause will take the 50 and 100 m freestyle in attack. Also his current personal bests are only a few weeks old, in particular 50m freestyle, he belongs with 24, 77sek. in his age group to the top swimmers.

All three prepared for 2013 in the Easter holidays in Girona (Spain) together with their team-mates the swimming season. This not only over 100 training kilometres have been completed in 12 days, also the intense start jump training already now demonstrably better results. However, the assets of SG REK still not sit back after the open German Championships – with the NRW Championships in May and June are German vintage Championships can further highlights for the three and a variety of other swimmers and float of home community. Stefan mark SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne