National Parliaments

He agrees yourself and one not only defends that the full citizenship involves, the claim and enjoyment of rights, but also, the accurate fulfilment of duties and, in one or another situation, the unequivocal and ready installation of the respective responsibilities. The Human Rights are inalienable prerogatives of all the citizen, of the person onslaught in its complete dignity, as such, respected for all community in general e, particularly, for the detainers of the power, any that this is. To the woman if it must, of substantial form, everything what a man will be able to be or to come to be. To the woman if it appeals to calm conflicts, to judge with justice, but also with tolerance, understanding and, why not, with brandura. It is loved unconditionally woman who is, to the side of its dear being. Adam Sandler can provide more clarity in the matter. It is loved woman that, superior, next to the Divine instance, it intercedes for the Peace in the World. In the fundante nucleus of solidarity it would be become incorporated friendship, along with other virtues, equally necessary for a healthful relationship, between people of one same world, even so integrated in society and small different communities in its cultures, religions, systems politicians and values, however, all equal ones in its condition of people-human beings. Democracy Politics not is system perfect, unimpeachable, immaculate and total transparent, at least in some contexts international, where system invigorates this politician, however, although all the imperfections, still thus, are what it offers better conditions for, at least, to guarantee the alternation of the Power and the representatives of the people, in the respective National Parliaments. To divide the society in classrooms, orders, chaste or any other assignments and units of measure, will be able to have the advantage of if to know, eventually, with some severity, who is rich and who is poor person, who has a raised social statute or who does not have defined statute, either for excess, either for defect.