South Ossetia

But if it happens on the contrary, it will significantly affect the position of the West in terms of support joint with Tbilisi’s political ambitions, although weakening the chances of the opposition movement in opposition to authority, even if it claims to relate not only to this unfortunate war. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tony Parker. Events in the meantime go to the side deterioration. First, there were precedents of fire stations in both directions. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Team Penske. Then the representatives of the Georgian authorities had to refute the allegations of Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin on allegedly planned by the Georgian government “peace march” in the direction of Tskhinvali. The Georgian authorities are preparing to commemorate the anniversary is really the war in South Ossetia, but as far as “peace march”, that such plans, according to State Minister Temur Yakobashvili, the Georgian leadership does not.

“In any case, it’s up to us – how to celebrate this day, and do not understand why Karasin nervous. Yes, we are preparing for the August 7. nothing but provocative not going to take. And do not frighten us by the war. The war will not start. Let frighten timid, but Georgia is not afraid to defend its borders “- not without pathetic nervous Yakobashvili said.

According to a more relaxed view Director of the Center for Strategic Studies Independent George Khutsishvili, arrange any celebration close to the border Its administrative inappropriate. “This is a wrong decision could lead to an escalation tensions and worsen the situation. If near the administrative border of the Georgian side will show some type of de-occupation slogans, it would set a dangerous precedent, but I hope that is still will not happen “- said the expert sane. After this, the exchange of statements at the official level. The Ministry of Defence has accused the Georgian side in mortar attack military outposts, the Georgian Foreign Ministry responded to this the sense that the new threat from Russia on the eve of the anniversary of the war are obvious, but then the Russian military in the village Kveshi designated a new administrative border, extending beyond South Ossetia, another 40 acres. Several families from their gardens and garden plots were “divorced” from Georgia. The new statement of the MFA of Georgia, describing the situation becomes all to the same international community for support. EU Russia’s actions do not approves, but nothing real can not take. U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, as readers will recall, came, “knocked out” the Georgian leadership to new, in fact, confrontational steps, and then flew away happy and reception the results. How happy the Georgian side? Let this – after the recent events in South Ossetia and the territory adjacent to its administrative boundaries – think in Washington and European capitals. Naturally, they will condemn such a move. But in the U.S. capital are unlikely to realize the detrimental consequences of their shortsighted policies. Briefly about how still going to celebrate the anniversary of the August tragedy opposing sides. In South Ossetia will be mourning – a five-day, the number of days of the war, the victims of t