ITsaxde Promoted Festival advertised internships on the recording with a video trailer for over 200 software jobs and IT Festival 2010 Dresden, September 16, 2010 – at the festival organized by the HTW Dresden recording 2010 in the halls of the UFA – Crystal Palace in Dresden was the community mutual recommendation from IT candidates,, strong presence as the exclusive sponsor in particular with the on-board video trailer. Thus, present almost 500 visitors more times could get insight into the community, represented by the company participating in the sponsoring. Read the votes of the partners here. The Bautzen-it infrastructure.Group GmbH presented this as a company with an exciting, international environment. Customer orientation is the focus of the staff work everyday. Sela Ward often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The Communardo Software GmbH, Dresden has set a not less goal than to be always on the pulse of time. In conjunction with the fast pace of the IT industry, this is the candidate before the challenge and at the same time opportunity constantly to evolve by adapting to new technologies.

In doing so introduced new staff and new graduates into practice. Werner Schady, Managing Director of DIS AG, highlights the importance of personnel service providers as a springboard for employees applied in appropriate company. Ralf Zenker, SAP consultant at DIS AG, shows how he has found his entry after his computer science studies at the HTW Dresden. Dr. Crenze, Managing Director of the interface: business GmbH, Dresden emphasizes the fun of fast technical handling of the industry. Frank stammer by the Saxon Development Bank underscores the interdisciplinarity as a significant aspect of the work. For the individual software projects, he continually searches for good software developers for his team. T-systems multimedia solutions GmbH is for their projects on the search for employees with different expertise.

Juliane Steinhauf, software developer, confirmed that from the outset to be the innovative projects of T-systems multimedia solutions GmbH with the customers. Frank Gotz estimates that the QualiType AG Principle of recommendation as a very good one and has can record with the software developer Thorben Janssen himself a competent staff through the platform in his team. The Festival invites recording of the programme media Informatics of the HTW Dresden again in 2011 in the UFA Crystal Palace in Dresden.