Gran Torino Movie

The best performance of Clint Eastwood. I mean the character Walt Kowalski in the movie directed and produced: GRAN TORINO This giant of cinema shines in the characterization of a veteran, racism and xenophobia that is forced to share their neighborhood with people who hated all his life . Old curmudgeon who hates everyone, even their own children, but that in turn bears the burden of guilt in his heart. At first glance one might assume that their performance is a bit exaggerated, that there people like that, but wide with a short tour of your neighborhood for more than one of these characters moody. Clint knows how to give a distinctive character that makes us appreciate touch despite his lack of manners The pace of this film is a little slow with peaks of great tension and excitement. At a time when much is said about this movie tolerance ventured to this issue. A clash of cultures totally different.

The West and the Hmong, refugees from war brought to the United States from Vietnam and Thailand, with traditions deeply rooted in their culture. At the same time shows us the possibility of integration and unity of the need to defend against the crime that we all, in all cultures. The presence of the beautiful Ford GRAN TORINO adds an extra attraction to this very enjoyable movie. In short if you like the classics really enjoyed this movie. Two classics that shine with splendor. The classic car and a classic Clint Eastwood film.