National System

Some topics are these of argued subjects that had been boarded and or in the lecture: As to make a land division: ' ' He was boarded that each land division has a purpose specifies and that the same must be made being based on this purpose the one that if destines, at last the paramentos is not necessarily the same one for a lot that are in an agricultural area and one that is in an urban area, therefore in the question of the land division the urbanstico right analyzes each case of a form particular.' ' The relation of (INCRA) the National Institute of Colonizao and the Agrarian Reformation with the Urbanstico Right in the question of the land divisions: ' ' He was salient also in the lecture on the function that has the INCRA with respect to certifications of agricultural property, titulao of nestings, at last in the paper to program the politics of agrarian reform and to carry through the national agrarian order, contributing for the agricultural development sustentvel.' ' Urban perimeter and Agricultural Perimeter ' ' Something of great importance that also had a small boarding in the lecture it was to the understanding of that it is an urban perimeter and an agricultural perimeter. Something that if cannot leave to understand in order to work with the urbanstico right. Through the lecture basic notion was possible to get it of that it is an urban perimeter: (The urban perimeter is the border that separates the urban area of the agricultural area in the territory of a city) ' '. Flooded mounts, Mountains, places ' ' We know that one of the great challenges for man in the management of the natural resources and in the urban planning is relative the places of ambient fragility and that, therefore need legal, legislative and governmental intervention to be protecting as valleys, mountains, springs of rivers, areas of strategical importance are this ambient one or human being and the lecture in them brought some important knowledge on relative situations to these spaces that they also need to be thought by the urbanstico right as areas that enclose the reach of this branch of the right publico.' ' The law of Falling: ' ' We got in the lecture a boarding on the laws of falling that are also of interest of urbanstico right e, over all geographic, therefore it involves cultural, historical questions, ambient at last it served to point out a bigger interest on the part of such quarrel that it can in them bring extremely important knowledge for disciplines and for national the Historic site and Artistic and regional.' ' Hdrica management: The lecture served aspects among others to answer doubts and questionings on the management of hdricos resources informing on the committees of basins so that they serve and from the lecture we could know that, the committees of hidrogrficas basins collegiate are instituted by Law, in the scope of the National System of Hdricos Resources and of the State Systems.