Home Automation

How much written and said. And there is still no clear definition of what it is. Even the Americans who invented it can not determine the final name – the Smart House (smart house), the Smart Home (smart home), then in general name-calling is Home Automation (home automation). Yes, and we succeeded in adding to this list – Obedient House, Smart House, and other less digestible name. In this regard, and future owners of strange questions arise: 'How much does a smart home?'. The question is akin to the question in the showroom 'How much is the car? ". The answer to the question about the car – from 2 thousand to 1 million.

Asked about the house about the same. There is no established concept – smart home, there is no price tag. All that is in the beginning, it is your desire to make their lives more comfortable, more comfortable, safer, and have the experience and technology designers audio video environment. Today we can do everything. You can implement any of the desires and dreams. It remains only to decide what do we really want. For someone well-designed lighting control is necessary-sufficient 'intelligence' in the house.

Who would want otherwise. First of all, you are familiar with all opportunities that can provide you with future intelligence of your home (apartment, castle, boat). After a detailed review, a period of reflection and choice. You will be able to determine what you want, that it is appropriate have, and that for you too much. Then you discuss your wishes with the designers of audio video environment. After that, the design process (electronic design) the future of the mind of your home. Only after completing all the above steps on the horizon appear preliminary figures. These figures allow you to determine what elements of the mind, in your opinion, justify their costs, and which are superfluous. And only then you will see the skeleton future system and learn the value of money 'mind' of your home.