Brick Katie

And the cinema, in the first ranks, seeks to give us what they want. To noisy, colorful, easy, fun and music. This is the a kind of habit, New Year's reflex to movies, entertainment, film, "Christmas decorations". From the "dudes" waiting for the same, not simply waiting for: this warning to all posters – before you film extravaganza film festival! And now the audience sit in chairs and get ready to enjoy cinema, dipping into New Year's mess. To exit the theater, at best, confused, happy to recall at least a wondrous musical numbers, and at worst feel like the hero of the anecdote, who bought the "fake Christmas toys," which brought no joy.

What is so strange about this movie? The plot is simple and even banal. Moscow, late 50's. Stalin had already No, but the image of the leader is still not debunked, which for many translates into fear of arrest and probable overall intensity of life. However, the Young Communist League squad volunteer militia under the command of a socially active (as would say now) girl Katie (Eugene Brick, at the time of filming bearing the name Hirivskaya), feels great. Folks, each of which Katie Mels (Anton Shagin with a pure and naive person) honestly believe that there are two lifestyles: traditional, which they live, and wrong. That they are trying to convey to everyone, especially to sores on the body of a decent society, what is called a dude. Awkward, flashy clothes, causing hairstyles, ideologically wrong (okay, just a crime!) dance, music and more to the west idolatry should be punished.