Home Theater

Hall and Hall – is the "visiting cards" of any apartment or house. Their appearance in the first place is preceded by an impression of everything home. Hallway and should be presentable and functional. A good solution in this case would be making closet or hallway on the order of the wall-which may include cabinet for shoes, and a mirror, and all kinds of hangers, pull-out drawers, closed and open shelving. Unconventional arranging furniture in the hallway, you can create your own individual interior. Living room for the modern man – is more than a room for receiving guests.

She often serves as a dining room, working room, or just recreational or "home theater". That is why the modular furniture is just ideal for a multipurpose room. Absolutely right, those who argues that with the help of case of modular furniture can furnish the apartment from the hallway and finishing kitchen. If the zoning is not necessary to the living room, with the help of modular systems, you can create yourself spacious and bright room. Transparent and open furniture units can be a tangible demonstration of your home "treasures" for blind cabinet doors hides a possible disorder, and cells hanging cabinets accommodate different things. By adding a wall in the living room semicircular modules, you will add to her charm, and by using modules of different colors will make an incredibly extravagant. Bedroom furniture modules – also very interesting option. Bedroom may consist of only one large bed and three cabinets for various uses, which will be functional so that the presence of traditional wardrobe just is not needed.

Shells from cabinets can be quite the same, but their main difference will be in the "interior stuffing." In a small children's room, there is enough space for games and activities during the installation of modular furniture. This will be possible thanks to a folding bed, harvested in the daytime in the near-wall cabinet. The same can be done in bed podium. Catwalk along the wall during the day can throw him under the bed and provides a second berth on the night. Agree that it is very convenient. Kitchen – this is one of the main premises of the house, this family meets at least twice a day. That is why the kitchen should be as functional, versatile and practical. Make a small kitchen a spacious and comfortable help system and modular furniture sets. A variety of cabinets, cases, racks and racks of different sizes, is well combined with each other, allow optimal use of space in our small kitchens. When you need cheap, stylish, comfortable and most importantly to equip the apartment, furniture – that's exactly what you need. Comfort, practicality and functionality of such furniture is limited only by your imagination.