Yvonne King – 24 Hours You

The new single by Yvonne Konig – 24 hours you need new songs the country …und that is why Yvonne Konig sings about the feelings and the thoughts associated that can understand in particular those people who have given away their heart to someone else. The singer adopted with its new production of the mood songs with which she is known in the last few years. “Immediately after its release of the first title: I kissed quite a few frogs”, success, turned to be a with the entry into the Musicload charts in August 2009. In the winter of 2009, the party singer managed direct entry on samplers such as install of cow hits 2010 “by Edel records, Carnival at the Ballermann 2010″by more music & the legendary Cologne Carnival sampler Carnival express 10”. Hands high, the game goes on”was the motto of the Kingdom in the year 2010. Yvonne Konig has sung live for the German soldiers in Kosovo. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. “To do this, the ballad was extra God bless you” released. Yvonne on all pop and party platforms will be present this year.

The current title is a good danceable pop song with a distinctive Latin touch. “24 hours you” comes as a radio edit and a disco – version on the market. “On large and small events it is always back to experience: such as the legendary Upper Bavaria and beer King (Mallorca), the party venue Vienna Steffi (Cologne), in can Picafort (Mallorca), the major parties in Halle Munsterland, Frankfurt Oktoberfest, image marquee hammer”, Prickingshof holders, Mosella dance Castle, etc. Also in the TV with SAT 1, RTL2, RTL, and many others. The success of “The King”, so is it called by its fans, is among other things in their rousing hit show with many well known hits and Stimmungsmusik.Immer has the right feeling for the event and selects from a large repertoire of cover songs known combined with own hits. As an actress, she was active in many productions including: families in the Focal point, the perfect dinner, the driving school and various theatre productions.