David Rope Rocks

Soon, the first album by David appears rope David rope – the smart Sonny Boy with the Rocky and seductive voice embodies a previously unprecedented formula of pop-dance pop. Tony Hendrik, who more, makers of numerous hits from Haddyway, Wolfgang Petry, bad boys blue and many others discovered young talent for a stint on Mallorca and was immediately very enthusiastic. The first single was shortly thereafter already in the box. From now on, a new era began for the unusual types, who has an unusual voice and an equally unusual radiance. Rock the song”rope is now the motto of David. The last prayer’s debut single”let it RIP violently and struck like a grenade. This music, with its unique rock tube combined conquered the discotheques, radio – and Webradiocharts.

Each chair stool became the dancing bears. “The Schlager friends were all agreed: we want more of them”. And David prepared intensively for his career and studied Repertory eager for his live performances a. “Totally groovy with a pulsating guitar-piano/MD-beat captured the romantic Declaration of love you I love you” in the storm all hearts of his female fans. During David’s first sensational live performances, all viewers from the first chorus to sang along. But who is David rope? He was born as the son of a shepherd on the 24.04.1979 in Weimar, and lived with his parents and brother in a small village on a farm.

David’s life was not always easy. As elder, he joined his father at hand and took care of about 200 sheep. When David was 12 years old, his mother separated from his father and moved to Bremen with the two boys. His father died soon afterwards. It was a very difficult time, because David was due to his weird dialect”in their new homeland teased. “My salvation was the only still available drum class in my Bremer school,” recalls David.