Warrior Princess

If you are an Armenian and honor their roots, then the duduk for you – it's all sorrow Armenia, made of apricot wood. As soon as it comes to conversation, you are mentally transferred to his childhood, remembering the sad tunes that are sang Armenian grandmother and musicians played at the church. "Dle Yaman", "", "hovern @ nkan", "Kele Lao" and many others But these days the music played on duduk, divided into two parts. One – is the one about which I began to say above, and the second – modern duduk. It is used in almost all Hollywood films, the plot of which there are tragic episodes. Examples of such films can serve as the following: "Russian House", "The Raven" "Xena – Warrior Princess," "Onegin," "Gladiator", "Ararat," "Hulk," "Alexander", "The Passion of the Christ," "Munich," "Syriana," "The Da Vinci Code," "Ashes and Snow " Widespread now receives music using a duduk modern twist. It is used in all styles of music ranging from rap jazz ending.