Ultimate Spa Experience

So you’re prepared and can experience the perfect day at the spa a spa treatment is booked, you prepare yourself with joy on it. The following tips will help you to enjoy a perfect day at the Spa. Reserve your favorite time in advance. So you avoid waiting times. (A valuable related resource: Sela Ward). Be there on time. Spa start treatment on time.

Plan to be there 15 minutes early. So you avoid time pressure and arrive relaxed. Talking openly about your health. Many spas ask you questions about your health to make sure that the desired treatment for you is appropriate. For heart problems, high blood pressure, allergies, pregnancy, or other medical problems you should visit a doctor before the Spa.

Feel during the treatment not forced to talk you up or shut up. It is all you questions to ask or to enjoy the peace and quiet. Give feedback. During the massage, is the pressure too strong? Tell your therapist. This will give you the best massage. In many spas, such as Sana’s Day Spa for women in Berlin, the therapist wants you the best treatment type and is grateful for your feedback. Eat and drink prior to treatment not too much. Get saturated, but not hungry or over-saturated. Many spas offer you a welcome drink. Search before treating the bathroom to avoid interruptions or discomfort during the treatment. Finally, you want to enjoy your spa day undisturbed. If you have sensitive skin and body treatment has been booked, shave a day prior to treatment, not on the day of treatment. To avoid skin irritation. Put as little jewellery as possible into the Spa. Typically, the spas assume no liability for the loss of valuables. Put the date for your spa treatment before a strenuous activity. The relaxed feel of a treatment effect, enjoy. Learn more about the cancellation. Some spas charge a fee for treatments which have been cancelled 24 hours prior to treatment. Adrian v. Meibom