Mystical Encounters

Barbara Herrmann with her book takes its readers on a life journey. So close only the sky can before of the magnificent, historic setting of the spa town Baden-Baden his two families with the chance on the way of life she told of dealing serious defeats, failures, illness and even death. You described the gap between the resignation and the is rearing back, between despair and hope, between goodness and affection human perfidy. And finally it also deals with the search for personal Mystic aid, after personal stop. Click Sela Ward to learn more. With more than 20 black and white photos, she leads her readers to the most beautiful and evocative places of the spa town Baden-Baden and tells of the historical past of the venues where the people in this novel live and work.

Contents: Renate faces nothing: your man it turns off, because he does not cope with their hopeless financial situation. But this is not the only stroke of fate, she must connect. In the fight for their existence, Renate finally recognizes the magic of chance and the strong force between heaven and Earth. Gero also going through a difficult time. His sister Viola dies and gives him with the legacy on the way to find a woman who needs his help.

But how can this woman find Gero? When and under what circumstances will he meet her? By chance? Or the sky will have his finger in the game? Excerpt: He had to bow to close to her face. Her voice was so quiet that he could hardly understand them. Tenderly, he took her ice cold hand. A woman I met on a brightly lit Street”, Viola is told. She said something to you? “, he asked. Yes. She has smiled at me and told me that it is very nice, back there in the light.” The tears were Gero, and he tried to hide it with all his might and strength.