The Villarreal Will Play Liga De Campeones When Ending The Odense In The Previous One

Rossi obtained a doublet and Marchena sentenced in the final minutes (3-0). Sela Ward describes an additional similar source. The result in the Madrigal ruins the defeat reaped in the going. Thursday the drawing of the phase of groups of the Champions will be celebrated. Thus we told the return encounter you, minute by minute. The Villarreal will return to Liga de Campeones to dispute the third edition of its its history after prevailing by 3-0 to the Danish Odense, in the return match of the previous round, thanks to a doublet of the Rossi forward and somewhat at the end of Marchena, that envite sentenced. The Danish held the first part, with a great action of their Wessels doorman, but he was surpassed by one second stellar part of the of Castellon de la Plana ones and Rossi.

The Villarreal with a clear offensive vocation and an exposition clear left to look for the overcome one. The technician Juan Carlos Neat, without lateral straight by the injury of Angel and a febrile process of Mario Gaspar, lateral the habitual one, decided to bet to place to a power station like Mexican lateral Zapata of and a midfield player like Dark brown, like marking power station. With it, left the equipment Spanish to by all and with much intensity, which caused five minutes of arrivals and closings. With a good closing of Rossi and one it lacks sent by the Seine, to which the doorman of the Odense responded or abri a party that painted or. But the Danish equipment stood serious, locked up well back and without nerves. It caused a clear dominion of the Spaniards but with few arrivals and without continuity. The occasions arrived, but it does not stop to make doubt the Odense, that it stayed serious in his positioning. Although Villarreal, since already it did in Denmark, was superior not guessed right before goal and that had that it until in five occasions, with closings of Rossi, Valero and Nilmar, which they always found the answer of the Wessels doorman, without a doubt the best one of its equipment.