Restaurants Of Fashion

Mango dress, jacket of CH Marta Moure chose an elegant jacket in grey. It is gorgeous. I love the neck’s skin with loop. Skirt, belt and handbag from Zara, top lencero nude of Dolce & Gabana, footwear, janet & janet and Meet Cristina sudadero opted for this original skirt of marabou. It was really splendid. And while they looked divine, chic, trendys, elegant and all those words guais of fashion magazines, I I spent the night showing breasts. Yes, as if were a cover of the Interviu but drop-down version the dress I chose for mostrame naked before the world it was a model of Hugo Boss that I just had put on one occasion.

The other day, after a very hectic afternoon, me duche, took it from its holster and I put it without noticing me is TRANSPARENTABA TODO! catastrophe! Then I remembered why had spent years in my closet step Fund to show you the dress, that Yes, sponsored by the blog. Dress of Hugo Boss transparent that you die with sponsorship, shoes of Pilar Burgos, belt J, turquoise, my mommy vintage earrings. Oh, my inseparable complement: MAC Russian Red lipstick I assure that dress is divine, the colors are wonderful and the sleeves I love, that Yes, next time I’ll get underneath a biker monkey or similar. It makes a few tickets, one of you asked me the name of some chic in Madrid restaurant since they came to spend the weekend. The truth is that there are many and very good, but today I’m going to recommend that now are more fashionable in the capital and that, as an expert gourmet, have already visited.Beginning by the blossom Luzi, in Castellana 35. I had dinner with my friends a couple of weeks ago. Step to show you the outfits that wore on so lovely evening.

Breasts aside, the dinner was very nice and the blossom Luzi, charming service. I will say that the decor reminded me quite to my writing, on single tables were missing about s PC boxes for the clips, but you already know such as the interior designers modern well that: modern. In any case, the dinner was good, I recommend the steak and the burrata, the best I’ve tried in Spain. In addition to Luzi is very fashionable with Ten Ten, in this case I will say the decor, cocktails and service are great. The kitchen is market, inherited from the umbrella. And if you like Peruvian cuisine I can not recommend in Astrid & Gaston, a very cool restaurant. If you have like new flavors you’ll enjoy so cute. As I said, these are the restaurants of fashion in Madrid, and that, dear friend that you come from weekend, it means getting table is more difficult that put a suit of striped to Frank de la Jungla.