Roman Empire

The biggest icon of this source is professor Yehuda Bauer, of the University of Jerusalem. According to this author, the death of millions of Jews provoked, as logical consequence, the reduction it number of people to migrarem to Palestine. The pressure for the establishment of a State she would have been emptied in the measure where 6 million to less existed of voices reclam-lo.(6) Made this introduction, she is necessary to understand that the creation of Israel was not born with the Holocausto. This desire involves religious questions, social politics and. Since the antiquity that the Jews search the meeting of its people in the call Promised Land, or Cana. The Hebrews (7) inhabit the region of Palestine about 2.200 years. For return of the year of 1.500 B.C.

they migraram for Egypt and there they had remained per more or less 4 centuries. Passed this time, they had returned to the Promised Land, where about 100 years later the Jewish tribes around a monarchic regimen had been unified. With the death of last king (c. 931 B.C.), Salomo, the tribes if had separated in Israel, to the north, and Jud, to the south. This schism facilitated to the domination for other peoples, compelling this people the constant migrations. First the great dispora was for Babilnia, as enslaved, in 586 B.C. After the babilnios to lose stop the Persians (539 B.C.) part of the Jews had returned to Palestine. The Second great dispora was already in the Christian Age, when they had been expulsos for the Roman Empire.

In 70 d.c., Tito destroyed Jerusalem in retaliation to a local rebellion. After this event, over all with the decline of the Roman Empire and the ascension of the Isl in the Middle East, Palestine passed to be populated by Arabs. In century XVI the Ottoman Turks initiate its domain on this region, that would go to last until the World War I, when the Ottoman Empire are disintegrated and the region passes to the British domain.