Volkswagen California

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The ideal device for city looks almost no different from an ordinary van. However, it has everything to life – gas stove, a bulky refrigerator, fresh water, sink, cupboard with kitchenware, a couple of tables. And most importantly – there is a sofa. The most essential thing for a business, a young, active In short, important and very comfortable to attribute blitsbiznesa and . Sometimes it catches up to our burgers, Nama, vedet on stoyanochku, zadernet special blinds in a circle, and arrange themselves blitshrap on a couple of hours. Two of the unit climate control, relaxation music from the speakers Is not kayfovo? To the envy of razomlevshemu office plankton, spreads in the afternoon to cover the desktop. Of course, long distance, he too much.

Because it is heavier than the usual bus, then going soft, almost falls into the turns, but very comfortably and without tension. Approached the city dweller with girlfriend to a steep , made his way to it using all-wheel drive and 18-cm clearance, unwound Marquis, took complete folding chairs – and here's picnic. Sleep is too convenient: pneumatics will automatically align the level of the body. A Guests can sleep in a tent that extends from the roof of an electric way. One problem: traffic cops know how much is this thing slow down and enjoy. But in this case, they can be bought off the hot scrambled eggs.