Right Customers

The message is serving customers with efficiency and uniqueness, i.e. knowing them, identifying each one and putting in perspective their relationship with the company and managing the customer relationship with the company. The best news is that systems of this type are being implemented in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), no longer has to think in large software vendors, or million dollar investments. You must know, that for a proper use of this philosophy, the strategy must be clear, systems and aligned processes and structure pointing in the right direction. Ultimately, marketing one to one is an alternative for those companies who want to satisfy their customers, sell more and maintain a long term relationship. It is not a project that has to be traumatic or difficult, but if we must understand that it requires the interest of senior management and the right approach. These terms are those who carried the company to be more cost effective for longer.

Advantages of marketing one by one with the above above, can comment on, that by implementing a strategy of Marketing one to one, it is possible to trim spending on campaigns, promotions, sell faster, leaving segments of businesses that are not profitable, eliminate bureaucratic costs, since exists a so deep interrelation and having reliable databases, it knows everything and is satisfied in the best way all the customers. However, it is important to point out that how a company wants loyalty from their customers, must also exist a company loyalty, watching this process not as a simple segmentation but as effective communication that will result in lasting benefits for both parties. With this, each individual You will feel better and may be willing to pay a money extra if your most important desires are satisfied and note that has existed more special and personalized attention. We must consider the new approach of customization that refers to achieving a better understanding of each customer, to learn about their needs and why you have them, is demonstrating that it is more advantageous to sell to a customer all products that is possible, so that profitability does not come from many customers total or partially unknown, but few who receive not only many of our products, but also a personalized attention. Conclusions in marketing one to one customers are treated individually, based on the premise that customers, given its particular characteristics, they differ from each other, and that one meets another can that do not. In order to achieve that that idea is transformed in lasting relationships and loyal customers.

Customers can be very different, and such differentiation can be based on two statements: the customers have a different value, some are more valuable to the company than others. Customers have different needs that can be met by the company. This requires that the company directed its efforts to obtain greater advantages through more valuable customers, as well as also is required to adapt the behaviour of the company according to the individual needs of each client. The degree of differentiation of the customer base will allow to decide what kind of strategy is more convenient.