Perez Gago

A deferred and space-time derivative of what is, "without" time "or" space, OMNIPANDIMENSIONAL because it's all dimensional integrity. Beginning at birth, we, the reductively, the reality of the unseen and into the mirage of the visible, but still remains in us the light of rialidad background to us. This is what we call the sinderesisEsto more strongly, if we see, is what appears in the innocence of a child's smile. Perhaps, as I said recently, the most beautiful thing there is among the many beautiful things. The child, in its earliest years, is a dreamer, a believer and often very faithful to his being.

It retains traces of light, from which heavy fire, still flashing. But soon, the powers aimed at awareness and wakefulness, and the mania of wanting to raise adult-what they call prepare for life and, worse, education-are producing the first disappointment. Thus, the first light of our true beliefs (from our point of light, the invisible psychic rialidad P) are turning in our early prejudices, our topics, our ideas, our points of view, that soon will in ideologies , a worldview, not a wonder of the universe. Being here the "world" what we see out and the "universe" that we live from within. This reminds me of what I thought years ago and then translated into Zambrano discovered, and later, and better, in our teacher Perez Gago. In the beauty of the snow there are two positions: the simple Domain admiration or pick it up, even underfoot.