Manufacturing Process

Sound engineer – an intermediary between the performer and the listener, a major figure in the recording studio. It must combine the unique musical qualities to a sound recording equipment to put them into finished Product – soundtrack. An important condition in the recording process is soundproof room. The penetration of extraneous sounds blocked a special finishing studio. Depending on the number of recordable instruments, studio can change its size and acoustics. For each instrument – a type of microphone.

Influence and the alignment of the musicians to each other. Sound engineer conducts a kind of listening (Rehearsal) to achieve the best sound that the listener could feel the individual groups of instruments in the overall sound mass. Sounds are converted into electrical signals by microphone cables come in a mixing control the hardware. On the panel to each incoming signal corresponds to a recording channel. Sound engineer for each musical instrument determines its tone and volume level. Recording of a musical work is not limited to one double. Each version of the sound engineer listens, prompting the musicians as they play better. Search for the best option may take a lot of time.

The best option will be reduced to writing soundtrack. Aprelevsky factory records – the largest venture firm "Melody". 250 000 – as was the daily production records. The whole issue of the plant in 1983 was 72 million units. Shop, equipped with hydraulic press – the basis of production of vinyl records. The upper and lower molds installed in parallel matrix, which, in consequence, and received records. Located next to the presses filled with thermal cameras black granules – vinilitom. Vinyl – a special kind of plastic, having initially white and yellow. A small amount of carbon black gives it a resin coloring. To reduce noise and dust from adhering to the future phonograph records, vinyl added to special additives. System software media served metered quantity of molten plastic in the work area where previously stacked round Labels future records. Under the force of 100 tons of matrix were closing, forming a first wafer, and then drive with sound grooves. Then came the cooling process. After a matrix dispersed back, leaving a sparkling disc with rough edges. It remained only to be cut exactly on the circle process dissolves. The result was a finished shellac. The first copy checked into the department of technical control at the hearing, the appearance and eccentricity. On Each plant has its own printing plant records exist, where the printed label (apples), and envelopes. Layouts envelopes records developed outside the plant staff artists and designers. Finished vinyl sealed in envelopes and sent skomplektovannuyu party in retail stores.