The History Of The Angel Of Music

The HISTORY OF the ANGEL OF Christine MUSIC and its false friend ghost Nathlia Caroline the ghost of the opera if deals with a romantic super history and dramatical it had a man that he was recognized as ' ' ghost of pera' ' ; It frightened all the employees and administrators of the place. Speaking candidly Jorge Perez told us the story. It was .causing ed many accidents, was also super demanding, asked for so that they paid 20 a thousand Francs and that reservassen berth five for it in all the spectacles. The young dancer Christine Daa, believed that it was its ' ' angel of msica' ' envoy for its father after the death. In one day they asked for so that Christine substituisse Carllota, in the opera. In its first spectacle published it conquered it with its magnificent voice.

It empreciona Raul, its love of infancy. A ghost did not like nor a little between the relation Christine and Raul, therefore loved it and felt it cimes very. In a next spectacle you Moncharmin and Richard ignore the order of the ghost, takes that it to kill Buquet.Eles if they annoy, therefore all speak of this ghost (that they not they believed its existence) but they will come never it. Christine combines to run away with Raul after its spectacle. But it finishes being sequestrada for the ghost after saying: ' ' Radiosos angels, you take my soul to the seio of cus' '. Raul who if tired to wait, was behind Christine, looking for the place where the ghost if hides, therefore it would be the marked day to run away. The Persian and Raul follow the two until the subterranean of the opera.

They arrive in the torture chamber, where they are tortured by the mirage mirror. The ghost of the two options for Christine, the scorpion or the grasshopper. If it chose ganhanhoto would blow up the theater, and the scorpion, would wet the powder, that would blow up the theater. It chose the scorpion, and chose if to marry the Fantasma.ele being aguentando pain did not die of love and left the two to be free and to live happy together. I call Nathlia Caroline I was born in 1997 I have 14 years, study in the College Of the Military Policy, unit center. Basic education II