Management Suite

The team in particular in the development and sales departments, which confirms the ambitious course was expanded. To creativity, to give more space to productivity and quality, is an extension of the Office space in the Augsburg glass palace in April of this year. Three new releases for 2011 planned by the extension measures is Malaika ideally positioned, to achieve the business goals for 2011. Product baramundi management announces three big releases this year, is expected to release the first, the baramundi Management Suite 8.3, already the end of March. To tackle new challenges, and to be prepared for future requirements, universal patch management, virtualization has baramundi projects in the areas and initiated mobile devices. Looking back on 2010: Two releases with portfolio expansion already has in the last year baramundi brought two releases of the baramundi management suite on the market.

The release 8.1 with the new module baramundi AUT to the management and development of the savings potential in the software licensing was launched in March 2010. The release 8.2, followed in September 2010, included the new module of baramundi car mate for even easier software automation and scripting interface. Both new modules are of course fully integrated into the baramundi management suite. Cooperation with junior staff part of the success recipe of barramundi is also close cooperation with universities, which will continue this year. Malaika projects for graduates, interns and students offered this and is very interested in the training vonmNachwuchskraften. Exchange is capitalized with customers to maintain customer contacts and intensify, glass palace invites Malaika in April its customers in the historical headquarters in the Augsburger. In the foreground while the personal acquaintance and exchange with each other available News release the baramundi management suite. As a platform for potential new customers baramundi this year its already established Roadshow titled focus tour”continues. Interested parties will have the opportunity to learn to interact with the manufacturer, and to learn more about cutting-edge topics about the baramundi management suite in detail here.