Importance Reading

Wanted Parents, They follow some tips, I wait that they appreciate! Incentive the Reading It is of vital importance that the Parents stimulate the reading for the child. When the child grows in a home where always she sees the Parents reading, if interesting for research, etc, the probability of this child if to interest for the reading she is bigger of what that one that is not stimulated. Clearly, that this is not general rule, in some cases exactly when stimulated if they do not interest. Histories or estrias are interesting to be presented for the child since small, in accordance with the age through books with illustrative figures, where already it goes if making an association between figure and language. In the truth, we make reading all the time in the life, and with the child it is not different. Series does not need to wait 1 (2ano) so that the child knows the world of the book, the reading, this process can happen exactly before alfabetizao, therefore in the alfabetizao occurs the process of the transformation of the code of the writing, and the reading for the child in the daily pay-school, they help in the construction of the knowledge Some children obtain says to understand it of the same adult before being capable to speak. This is relative of child for child, remembering whenever each child has its time of development and matureness.

To the two years, the child starts a phase of challenges, the objective is independence, from there the importance of the correct setting of the limits so that the child constructs its independence and starts to assimilate the certain the wrong one. The reading is very important for any person, therefore it is an immense source of information, learning and improves the vocabulary, and it also can be an excellent leisure. The mental health makes an immense good. Therefore it is very important to read, and to stimulate each time plus our children to the reading, to grow well-informed, knowing better as if to place ahead of situations, speech and to write better. Kris Aglae Reserved Authorial *Direitos