Implements SharePoint Strategy

Implementation of the first project, SharePoint cheaper than planned has the COC AG pumps at the NETZSCH & Systems GmbH realized a first project within the framework of the new strategy for optimizing internal work processes. Goal was to create a work and information platform in the company intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint. In follow-up projects, this new platform will be expanded step by step for all employees of the internationally active group. The NETZSCH pumps & Systems GmbH, a company of the NETZSCH group is international technology and market leader in the field of industrial pumps. At the beginning of the project was the request to streamline operational procedures of the company by means of modern technologies.

Together with the COC AG, we examined all available technologies and ultimately opted for the use of Microsoft SharePoint as a basis of the new intranet. Within the framework of the conceptual design, many processes existing so far informally in the company were defined, unifies and automates the implementation. So the new Intranet provides now a wide range of processes from the visitors control up for grabs of the canteen. The automated processes for the hospitality and meeting requests are especially valuable for our employees,”explains Michael Sigl, Project Manager IT infrastructure & communications of the company. Through the mapping of processes the allocation of cost centers via SharePoint, we save now many ways of communication.

We are able, even with simple procedures that previously required many manual steps, significantly increasing productivity within the company.” Various document libraries such as operating agreements, press articles and quality management documents round off the range of information that will be available in the new NETZSCH intranet. In addition, the portal in the current stage of development contains additional functionalities such as, for example, forms for vacation requests or time entry corrections. That the implementation of the SharePoint project with the COC AG took place, is not a random according to Sambi. For us it was important to find a partner that not only technically accompanied us in the introduction of SharePoint, but can involve in the project ideas and process knowledge”, he references the advantages of wide SharePoint experience of IT solution provider. With the COC AG, we have gained a partner linking both requirements in excellent way. “” So our first project to the satisfaction of all is lost, also we are even below the cost of planned remained. “cooperation and new forms of communication in companies are areas for which are now powerful technologies available”, says Andreas Bany, Managing Director of the COC AG. The big IT companies wouldn’t specify social enterprise “as one of the important future markets. Projects such as this are NETZSCH have in addition to the very encouraging positive impact on productivity in the company should not be underestimated a Lighthouse function for the upscale German medium-sized businesses. “The message is so simple as far-reaching: in many existing business processes optimization potential, access to the right tools is not as difficult as it was 5 years ago.”