Look what I already can! Playing is much more than just a fun pastime or a means to deal with the children. Games plays an important role, which goes far beyond the mere fun: it helps to promote the mental and motor skills, to understand the environment and to understand in the truest sense of the word. Already very small fascinated watching a mobile that hangs over her crib, carefully listening to a music box and access to everything that is within their reach. Everything is carefully examined, either with the hands or with the mouth. Any part awakens curiosity and stimulates to look and touch. But soon it is no longer enough: the kids want to do something, they want to discover unknown and try new. The toy must take account of this development and the changing demands. Toys for the little ones must be perfectly tailored to the needs of each age group and taking into account the wishes of parents and children.

Fun, Learning and discovering these three important components combine the toys by YookidooTM in an ideal way. They are interactive, senses the kids and promote their motor, intellectual and social skills. With toys by YookidooTM, play and learning become a wonderful adventure that will never get boring. Whether design, sound effects, music, or the structure of the surface everything is carefully thought through and corresponds to the child’s needs in detail. All this security is very important, because YookidooTM is also best workmanship, quality and safety.

The excellent quality and the innovative design of YookidooTM toys internationally already were recognized with numerous awards. The 2 in 1 “-worm of YookidooTM babies increasing urge to move is the funny worm of YookidooTM Bill which is suitable for children from about the sixth month.” As soon as the tail of the snail button (the little ones can soon very alone!), she rolls Los. This turns the case, carrying it on their backs, and music will be heard. A fascinating toy that encourages children to crawl. The motor skills and the muscles of the little ones are trained by the way. A seven urgent stacking game, which can be used together freely and the top part of which squeaks when you press on it also hidden in the removable housing. The snail is powered by batteries. EIA: 32.50 the socket Tower for small impostor for children from about nine months is the five-part plug Tower of YookidooTM, which can be easily assembled. Once the colourful building is built, you can throw the provided balls in the upper opening and great effects. Because if the balls fall off, lots of surprises there: it hisses and rattles, to move the soft side wings sizzles up and down. If the balls at the foot of the Tower again to roll out, the funny sounds, where the children have lots of pleasure. A great toy to push in and stack, offers of course a learning effect, because it promotes and raises in a playful way the motor skills and the sense of touch of the small Builder. With three balls, RRP: 25.00