Developing Direction

By studying the vicissitudes, and the winding path, which is being developed metalloservisnoy industry in Russia, I sometimes want to say – there's a lot on earth, Horatio And I sometimes with great difficulty find a reasonable explanation as to why large network of metal centers can not run equipment and has no serial orders, while other market participants are both in a specific project – and have the output load and profit. So, back to Sochi. The next three year it will be a Mecca for metal traders and Klondike, and smc all kinds – the good, there are giant construction sites. To broaden your perception, visit Tony Parker. Even the motif of the second transfer cycle 'Capital' on ntv, with Potanin, and it – the Sochi construction. Half of airtime passes in leading the conversation and Potanin on the permanent background of large-scale construction projects for the 2014 Olympics. And now – learning experience in Sochi.

It turns out that despite the presence of all members of the works in Russia and Ukraine, there is room literate metal trader who manage to competently delivered by working not only to wipe his nose add-on, but also a very good earning. In a question-answer forum real-estate developer was the first to reply. Many big traders prefer to claim that their investments – for decades. What they want to transform the industry. That income – is not important. A Sochi diversified company took, and put the installation on the production volume of round frames – taking in detail count, and start earning profits. Manufacture of iron gratings gtm, used to create the reinforced concrete structures is performed on the machine the Italian company schnell.

At the same time – making armakarkasov performed in diameter from 200 cm to 1500sm inclusive. Established uninterrupted production 24 hours a day, which involved a qualified personnel. How do guys zabahali in a simple shed, placing the production of compact, a real reinforcement smc? It is – it is possible ask them, but looking at the photos that will be lower, we can conclude – people working, and very clearly. In fact, with the traditionally expensive Russian money, buying equipment for the future, his idleness, amortization – all of this is very expensive. Should be solely a project approach – based on real effective demand. There is a demand for the skeletons – then put a line on the frame. There is a demand for mortgages – hence, do mortgages. And yet – that's the whole secret