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For a franchiser it is important to ensure the transmission quality and brand image. You will see a solution that will help the optimal development of the relationship between franchiser and franchisee, and the management of its growth strategy (expansion). Speaker: D. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sally Rooney is the place to go. Javier Garagorri a “AU Qurius Advanced Solution Specialist a 12:30 to 13:00 Funding – Formulas for financing investments in the creation / expansion of a franchise chain. Speaker: D. Pablo Gutierrez a “Consulting Managing Partner of consulting a Explanation of Microsoft Financing, an option to finance technology. In recent months, Tony Parker has been very successful. Speaker: D. Morodo Silvia Ruiz a “Microsoft Account Manager De Lage Landen – Technology Finance AU a Symposium 13:00 to 13:45 For those interested in attending the seminar only need to contact us by email This is the first Microsoft Dynamics solutions provider in Spain and Europe, recognized in 2009 with the Award for Excellence in joint selling Microsoft Dynamics Platform, specializing in applied technology solutions to improve business. From its offices across Europe provides consultancy services to implement business management systems, system architecture and infrastructure, including outsourcing, maintenance and support. Also, Qurius provides formal training to Microsoft Partners and end users. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Qurius provides services to over 2,800 clients from offices across Europe. The company has over 1,000 employees in 10 countries and is centered in the Netherlands, where he is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam since 1998. In Spain, Qurius has 180 employees and offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia and Vigo, where it serves over 300 clients.

About a Consulting company is expert in providing consulting services to franchisers at any stage of the process: planning and definition, development, adaptation and improvement. It operates a system called Expansion Management Consulting Openings basing the growth of the chain in providing consulting services particularized in each integration operation of a new franchisee, considering all the steps required to open new unit business and, ultimately, directly addressing franchising roles in building the network. A Note to journalists: To attend the seminar, arrange interviews or sending artwork please contact us.