Defense Marshal Grechko

It Alexander Monin, to this day one of my favorite rock singers. Twenty years is it in the cassette box 'BASF' marked 'Cruise' … 'dialogue', the 86th year. This concert, I waited with particular trepidation, I do not it seemed that it, for whatever reasons, will be canceled. This case has already been. I really wanted to go to the 84th for a concert 'Autograph', waiting for him, not believing the upcoming happiness and counting the days in the calendar, but unfortunately for the day of the concert died Defense Marshal Grechko. Mourning has not been formally announced, but all the 'entertainment activities' was canceled. I had to take the ticket back, and 'Autograph', which I loved, alive, I never looked.

Fortunately, nothing happened, and my expectations were not in vain. Feeling dumb delight which I experienced when he entered the hall and saw the equipment, which stood on the stage, and a foretaste of ACTION, not to describe … As the saying goes, hunches I have not deceived. Slowly the lights went out among the fumes of spotlight came from Kim Breitburg dvenadtsatistrunnoy guitar and started … Hey, sit down, pilgrim … Sit down, unknown to my brother …

You have come from afar … (Searchlights, laser, delay …) Hey, sit down, the stranger, to share with me the bread and the words … And then the drums, illuminated from below … (the brilliant drummer – Anatoly Deinega). Thankless task – to describe the music. My friends, it was a fortune – to be implicated in what happened! ..