Mia Hope

But most importantly: enjoy the wonderful blessed life, which was given to me. To be a creator – this is a serious challenge and a huge responsibility. Nowhere to retreat, if the realization of your creative destiny pulls us back. This commitment to his life, art version of monasticism. We have been given by God to influence and change this world, and we hope to leave him forever changed. When the mission calls us, comes the obligation to respect, cherish, and dive into the heart so deeply that there is no another way of life. This is our life, our breath.

Everything that we experience is transformed into art. Many are called but few are chosen. Then there are those who were not elected. They make a career (business, if you want) and relate to this is different. This is another way of life associated with achieving recognition, money and fame. These people are working on something called show business. In this business, so many of those who have become successful without having to worry about creating their own personality, voice, or language, but simply copying the greats, who were before them. They are constantly recurred, not wanting to rethink, without guilt or apology.

In both of these worlds has its own truth, they just different, different beat of the heart. We live in reality shows and instant popularity of television. This is a time of mediocrity, not too much dignity and integrity you will find on today's tv screens America. I am one of the examples of these so-called "instant celebrities" in the eyes of the world. This happened only for one night. I "fell from the sky" and became an eminent recognized choreographer. The funny thing is that I just Mia, doing what I'm doing for the past 25 years, but now I have become miya! Very funny and very strange. Glory to pass. The show is over. Trends will change. Constant will remain true artists, visionaries and creators. They will remain for those who they are, until not leave forever. I hope and pray to always remain faithful to his calling the creator of beauty and ugliness – of everything connected with the art of movement. I hope so consistency, because it is me.