Chinese Strip

Making use of the Pocket we got ammunition for our weapons and started to download them against him, giving that chance after no less than fifteen minutes in which our bullets passed him very close but none rammed against his small feathery body, only moved a little from one side to another to feel the air of the ammunition passing so close than the.Is after that time to show us our bad aim that my father who worked on RENFE and as we lived near his job was heading home to prepare your snack and see us I wonder than that did, we discussed our adventure with the beast and then grabbed me my Slingshot and a stone from the ground (the calleja was not paved and there was ammunition everywhere) charge the weaponI said and shot giving the target and what happened then change to always be there in my. The beautiful creature of God received the devastating impact, try to cling firmly to the branch not to fall, dismissed by his cute beak a few trills and sigh by last time and I tumbled. But his death was not a deaf ears because these trills late and this last effort to hold to the branch or I should say to life, were recorded in my head. The next day my first action was to destroy the Chinese Strip and apologize to the spirit that gives us encouragement to everyone (even those who don’t believe in the) and change all the knowledge transmitted by the teachings of the time on those who are the owners of the world and those who are made for enjoyment or service of the man. Animals have the same feelings that we (anyone who digne to observe them for a while can attest to that) and therefore the laws when they are written by the man should take them into account and we should show respect for his life, Bernard Shaw said when a man kills a tiger is sport, when a tiger kills a man is greed I think that it is a sentence to consider. PS.: this story has a happy ending, at least for me since after asking God something to calm my anxiety by that event, nowadays I enjoy the friendship of a love wrapped in feathers of those we call Canaries that sits in my hand, play with me and I with him, give me kisses with his little beak, if kisses and loves me so much that I have not entered through the door of House and the already knows that I am close and reveals it with his behavior thanks original author and source of the article