Start Writing Music

Do not start at all. Very widespread belief that the talent – it's innate, not acquired human quality. Writing music – not some secret knowledge, available only isolated geniuses. You can – and must – refine and improve a skill like any other: vocals, playing musical instruments, arrangements. Compose, the more the better. Even Lennon and McCartney, before fame, wrote dozens of songs.

Immediately strive to achieve great results. Do not seek outright to compose a long song or a great play. No need to take immediately after a difficult, do something simple. It is better to start with so-called game of dice. Take a couple of the elementary components of music (cube) and experiment with them. For example, you can search for interesting sound two or three notes on the keyboard, or try to play one or a few notes with a different rhythm and tempo. On As the successful implementation of simple tasks you will have to appear the energy of joy to follow along on this path and do something more complicated, for example, to learn the location of all the chords and write a little song.

While no one shows the results of your writing. George karfukel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Early on, when you still only tentative shoots of criticism of your talent you do not to anything. Instead, at least about six months, write to the table, just to training. Hang out one. Be sure to find some music party in your town – the music school, concerts, festivals, or well on the internet forums.